Can anyone help me on how to convert the String q1 into a query? I am trying to put my variable 'q1' inside the [] but I always got an error "Unexpected token q1"

Heres the code.

String q1 = 'SELECT count() FROM Case WHERE '+q;
Integer totalCount = 0;
totalCount = [q1];   

public Case[] getCases() {

    Map<Id, BusinessProcess> bp = new Map<Id, BusinessProcess>([SELECT Id FROM BusinessProcess WHERE Name IN ('MSP', 'Provisioning', 'On-Boarding')]);

    Map<Id, RecordType> r = new Map<Id, RecordType>([SELECT Id, Name FROM RecordType WHERE SObjectType = 'Case' AND BusinessProcessId IN :bp.keySet()]);

    String q = '';
    if (view.startsWith('all'))
        q += 'AccountId = :acctId';
        q += 'ContactId = :conId';

    if (view.endsWith('closed'))
        q += ' AND IsClosed = true';
        q += ' AND IsClosed = false';

    if (view == 'waiting')
        q += ' AND Status = \'Awaiting Customer Response\'';

    if (String.isNotBlank(query))
        q += ' AND (Subject LIKE \'%'+query+'%\' OR Product__c LIKE \'%'+query+'%\' OR CaseNumber LIKE \'%'+query+'%\' OR Product__c LIKE \'%'+query+'%\' OR Case_Type__c LIKE \'%'+query+'%\' OR MaxDeviceName__c LIKE \'%'+query+'%\' OR Device_Name__C LIKE \'%'+query+'%\' OR N_Central_Server__c LIKE \'%'+query+'%\')';

        Set<Id> recordTypeSet = r.keySet();
        q += ' AND RecordTypeId IN :recordTypeSet';

    String queryFields = 'Id, Priority';
    for (Schema.FieldSetMember field : getFields())
        queryFields += ',' + field.getFieldPath();

    if (selectedPage != '0') counter = list_size*integer.valueOf(selectedPage)-list_size;

    if(String.isBlank(sortOrder) && String.isBlank(sortField)){
        q = 'SELECT '+queryFields+' FROM Case WHERE ' + q + ' ORDER BY CaseNumber DESC limit '+list_size+' offset '+counter;

        q = 'SELECT '+queryFields+' FROM Case WHERE ' + q + ' ORDER BY ' + sortField + ' ' + sortOrder + ' limit '+list_size+' offset '+counter;

    String q1='SELECT count() FROM Case WHERE '+q;

    Integer totalCount =[q1];

      Case[] cases = Database.query(q);

        for (Case cs : cases) {

            if (!productUtil.containsKey(cs.Product__c))

     return cases;


Normally you could just use Database.query(queryString) to make a query from a string.

However, that method only returns a List<SObject> that cannot be cast to a Integer. Since you are looking for a count() you need to use Database.countQuery().

String q1 = 'SELECT count() FROM Case WHERE '+q;
Integer totalCount = Database.countQuery(q1);

If you want to build dynamic WHERE clause read this article: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.apexcode.meta/apexcode/apex_dynamic_soql.htm

But Database.query(str) will produce a list of sObjects as a result. So you should save this to an list or execute .size() on the query method.


As per your query it's returning integer value i.e. Count always should be an integer.

Integer q1 = 'SELECT count() FROM Case WHERE '+q;

It would be great if you are explaining bit more on below code.

totalCount = [q1]; - I believe, this is not a correct syntax

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