My standard page layout has a Visualforce page embedded. When this embedded page is rendered in Classic it shows properly but when in Lightning Experience, it appears to be forced to a shorter height, no buttons at the bottom are showing and also there is no scrollbar. I am using 'lightningStyleSheets' attribute. In the embedded page settings, show scrollbars is not checked, and I think that might be the reason why I do not see scrollbars? I do not see the entire content of the embedded page , and there are no scroll bars to scroll to see it. Any suggestions or ideas are welcome. Below are screenshots for classic and lightning. Any ideas?

Lightning Experience

enter image description here

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    I had the same thing happen. I think it has to do with the lightning CSS using far more white space. I just gave the visualforce page 25px extra height in the page layout and that fixed it. But that might not be the solution you're looking for. – Kasper Aug 3 '18 at 22:07
  • @Kasper I did the same thing. I added 100px to the embedded page height and I see the scroll bar. – Quest_sfdc Aug 7 '18 at 22:54

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