I have a .crt Self signed certificate generated from salesforce. How can i generate public key from it , i need to provide the public key to be make a call to services

  • i figured it out. let me know if anyone does find some issues .
    – Raju Sen
    Aug 3 '18 at 11:48
  • 1
    I think you can post it as an answer here
    – kurunve
    Aug 3 '18 at 12:01
  • OpenSSL> x509 -pubkey -noout -in C:\Integration.crt (WHERE c:\Integration.crt is the path of the file) -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY----- -------------------------- -----END PUBLIC KEY-----
    – Raju Sen
    Aug 3 '18 at 12:45
  • It really depends on where you're going to store it and in what format you need to have it in doesn't it?
    – crmprogdev
    Aug 3 '18 at 14:21

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