I started playing around with Lightning Builder creating App pages that I am able to activate and navigate to from a lightning component.

I thought it would be cool to create a "Record Page" lightning page and throw some custom components on it. For example, I created a record page for Contact. Now, I only want that record page "version" to be used specifically when I navigate to it from one of my components. The problem I see with this is that Activation of this page doesn't allow for such a thing. Activation has to be done on org, app, profile, and/or record types.

There is no way, that I see, to activate a custom record page and only have that version render when my component that controls navigation says so. Am I missing something here?

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That's correct. There's no way to specify which App Builder Page is shown when you navigate to a record programmatically. You might want to submit an idea on the Idea Exchange if you're interested in having this feature.

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