I have a Sales Console that display an Account info as related record. My question is can I add the PersonEmail field (specific field for record type "Person Account") to related record layout? I try to find in this layout editor but it's seem that all specific field for Person Account is not supported. Anyone can help me? enter image description here

enter image description here


If you refer to the below excerpt from the Page Layout section from this help article, Person Accounts have their own page layouts. So as long as your Account info is of type Person Account, you can do it.

Person accounts have their own page layouts that can include account and contact fields, account custom links, and account and contact related lists.

So in order to have the Person Account specific fields, you can follow the below steps to add these fields. Remember the Person prefix is just an API name, the actual fields on the Page Layout are reflected using their correct labels. E.g., PersonEmail is just Email. You can refer to more details on Person Account fields here.

Fields with a prefix “Person” or suffix “_pc” are contact fields that are supported for person accounts but not business accounts.

Steps to add Person Account fields on the "Person Account" page layout (in Lightning).

  1. Go to Setup --> Object Manager
  2. Navigate to "Person Account" (You will see there's a Person Account object available in there)
  3. Select the Page Layout and make the necessary changes

    enter image description here

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