I know this is somewhat of an open-ended question, but I hope to get some ideas or guidance on how to drill down on an issue we're experiencing. I'm working with a Salesforce Communities site that uses Lighting Components and a small percentage (hopefully one that won't grow) are experiencing strange issues with free text fields. The landing page has an email field that validates with a regular expression and these small percentage of people fail validation, but no one on my side can replicate the issue. I take the same emails, put them through the site and they work fine. No problem. We have another free text field, on a different component, that a small percentage of people cannot enter data into. It just doesn't let them. Again, I haven't been able to replicate this issue.

Both fields are fields, the email field has a maxLength="40". The email field gets entered and users press a button that triggers a controller method, which then calls a helper method that validates the text with a regular expression (which seems to work fine except that it doesn't allow domain extensions of more than 3 characters, but that's easily fixed). The other field is just a plain field with an onchange method that also calls a helper method that makes some calculations based on the user's input.

All of this appears to work at least 99% of the time, if not more, but we're afraid that these issues might increase. They also occur with remote users, so we can't directly see what they are doing when they experience these issues. My guess is that just the right combination on a mobile app can cause this (i.e., something installed or a configuration - we did test the site with JavaScript disabled with the expected results of the site not rendering).

Any thoughts based on this meager information? We're trying to get more information on people experiencing this issue, but does anyone know of any issues with Communities or the aura framework that might be symptoms of this issue? I know it's not a lot to go on. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

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