I am wondering if the Verification Code Challenge users usually get upon logging in their Salesforce Org can be considered as a kind of Two-Factor Authentication. The reason why I am asking this question is that I couldn't find any explanation re- the Verification Code Challenge, except in this post:

Verification codes are part of Salesforce security measures.

From the Salesforce Two-Factor Authentication document I can assume that this is true. I have my Password (first factor), and I have my email address (second factor) to which Salesforce sends a verification code. Still I'd like to verify my thoughts with community.

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    Your assumptions are correct
    – glls
    Aug 1, 2018 at 12:39

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Is Salesforce Verification Code Challenge a kind of Two-Factor Authentication?

Yes - your assumption is correct.

Also known as a Two-step verification (which is exactly waht it does).

I will list a couple of them here below:

  • SMS
  • Authenticator App
  • Push-based
  • Security Keys
  • List item

Additionally, here is a 'site validator' that allows you to know what services use Two Factor Auth (2FA). Interestingly enought, Salesfsorce is on the list, and provides some of the supported 2FA methods enter image description here

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