I am connecting with the Salesforce API using OAuth, refresh_token, client_id & client_secret.

API calls are failing randomly with, it's not every API call but 1 in 100 or sometime in 1000 will fail with invalid_grant: authentication failure. Below is the example of the request I am doing to salesforce.

curl -X POST \
 https://login.salesforce.com/services/oauth2/token \
 -H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' \
 -H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
 -d 'grant_type=refresh_token

The solution I tried but didn't work:-

  • Creating a new refresh_token.
  • Relaxing API limit for the app.

Some more information on the issue:-

  • This bug started coming out of nowhere after we migrated our Salesforce instance to custom URL e.g:- myorg.my.salesforce.com, could there be an issue because of that?

Eventually found out we were running out of our API credits, though /auth/token isn't counted as API request but just reducing the API calls fixed it for us.

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