in a new project we have a bit of a tricky migration issue I never faced before, described in the following:

The context: The customer moved his Service Cloud license to a reseller. Due to this we have to migrate the customer to a completely new org where contacts and leads will be uploaded with new salesforce Ids. Somehow the connected Pardot instance was forgotten in all this.

The issue: After checking the documentation and various threads here it seems that Prospect Ids are fixed (to the old orgs SF Ids now) and there's no way to update those with either API or export/import procedures.

The questions:

  • Has anyone here ever done or tried anything like this?
  • If yes, is there a procedure we should follow?
  • Is there a chance that Pardot still tries to find matching Salesforce records based on email even if it already has a Prospect Id from the old org?

Due to time pressure I wasn't able to check this specific type of (re)sync behaviour in a test environment, yet. As soon as I get to doing this and have relevant findings I will share those here to contribute back.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

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