I have setup a custom logout URL for my Community via Communities > Worksspace > Administration > Login & Registration > Logout.

When I press the logout URL (which is /secur/logout.jsp) it directs to the Salesforce.com homepage instead.

Can anyone advise if its the wrong URL I am using? I can see that the session also is not destroyed when that logout.jsp is clicked.


You can use this /secur/logout.jsp?retUrl=https://google.com/. Here google.com is just an example. You can redirect to the URL you want. Ideally I would expect to do the way you've done but the above will also work.

Regards, Ansuman

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So the problem is the full community URL needs to be specified before /secur/logout.jsp.

Adding ?retUrl=https://google.com/ will define where the site should redirect to after session has been closed.

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