I'm having troubles authenticating to my Dev Hub Org using the JWT token. The command:

sfdx force:auth:jwt:grant --clientid *** --username *** --jwtkeyfile *** --setdefaultdevhubusername --instanceurl https://login.salesforce.com

results in:

ERROR:  This org appears to have a problem with its OAuth configuration. 
Reason: invalid_grant - expired authorization code
username: ***,
clientId: ***,
loginUrl: <Not Specified>,
privateKey: ***.

I'm curious about the Not specified value for the loginUrl.

If it try to run the auth command in the context of a configured sfdx project, that has the default login url set to test.salesforce.org, this URL appears as the loginUrl and the authentication also fails (as I'm trying to login to a Dev Hub Org).

It seems that the --instanceurl doesn't in fact override the login URL as documented? Or am I missing something here?

My sfdx version is:

sfdx-cli/6.25.0 (linux-x64) node-v8.11.3

I finally managed to solve this myself, but I still believe there is a small bug in SFDX CLI that steered me off my course when debugging this.

The root cause turned out to be an incorrect system time set on the server I was running the auth:jwt:grant from - hence the expired authorization code, as the requests were coming "from the past".

But, the error detail message is incorrect when it comes to the loginUrl parameter - it doesn't seem to notice the --instanceurl option passed to the command. The command itself runs fine and targets correct instance, it's just the error message that has a different loginUrl that was actually used. And that made me spend quite some time wondering about the instance URLs rather than the JWT flow and grants.

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