Is there a reason why my soql doesnt return any value when i query this object Entitysubscription in a nested query.It returns value when i run as system admin,but not other users

(query is dynamic as well) as below

selectQuery = 'select name,Total_Number_of_Members__c,lastmodifieddate,( Select SubscriberId ,parentid From feedsubscriptionsforentity  where parentid in :ids limit 1000) from test__C where id in :ids';

Any fix for this?

On debugging as non-sys admin user,i can see no data is fetched

I am trying to find total number of followers for this record,and whether running user follows this record.if there is a way to achieve this other than this?


Based on information you provided I can only assume: There is empty Set, or user don’t have access to those objects, there is wrong relation name etc.

additional: Why you need these ‘WHERE’ in nested query? Why you need to use dynamic query? Because as I can see there is no point for that

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