I want to retrieve informations in a Data Extension synchronised with an event (object) on a preprod environnement to make custom fields on an email :enter image description here and my targets for the email are like this :

enter image description here

I want to retrieve the sessions that have an eventName equals to WomensForum So I have this code with a lookupOrderRows

VAR @idevent, @sessions, @nbsessions, 

SET @eventName = attributevalue("MC_EventName")
SET @nbrow = 50
SET @sessions = lookupOrderedRows("EventApi__Schedule_Item__c",50,"EventApi__Start_Date__c",@eventName, "WOMEN'S FORUM SINGAPORE 2018","EventApi__Is_Active__c", "TRUE", "FormatType__c", "Workshop")
SET @nbsessions = rowcount(@sessions)

But I get this error :

The Data Extension name for a LookupOrderedRows function call is invalid. A Data Extension of this name does not exist. Data Extension Name: EventApi__Schedule_Item__c Function Call: lookupOrderedRows("EventApi__Schedule_Item__c",50,"EventApi__Start_Date__c",@eventName, "WOMEN'S FORUM SINGAPORE 2018","EventApi__Is_Active__c", "TRUE", "FormatType__c", "Workshop") Parameter Name: DataExtensionName Parameter Ordinal: 1

which I don't understand because if I understood correctly, my dataExtension should exist thanks to the API name. If you have any thought on this, don't hesitate. Thanks !

EDIT: example fields

enter image description here

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    Are you running this from a child business unit or from the parent business unit? Try looking up ent.EventApi__schedule_item__c also, if I understand your screenshot correctly, the name of your data extension is called Session (?) So try looking up on that – Gravitai Jul 23 '18 at 22:46
  • I'm on the good Business Unit but I don't have a real Data Extension in marketing cloud named "Session" because it is a custom object from lightning with many custom fields that I want to use in my email. I added a sample of fields in the image. Maybe I didn't understand how ampScript works but we should be able to use those custom object, don't we ? – Pierre-Adrien Delisle Jul 24 '18 at 7:49

I found that I had to use the RetrieveSalesforceObject function instead of lookup, to call custom objects and it works perfectly.

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