I have a problem with checkboxes when using lightning:recordForm. My code:

 <lightning:recordForm objectApiName="Opportunity" recordId="{!v.recordId}"
                              mode="view" fields="{!v.LeadHistory}" columns="2"
                              onload="{!c.handleOnLoad}" onsuccess="{!c.handleOnSuccess}"

enter image description here

As u can see each checkbox is display in 3 lines. I would like that edit button would be in the same line. Every other field from my object renders fine.


Add Style to your Component. below i am posting example code. which worked for me.

.THIS .inputFieldWidth {



Styling .inpitFieldWidth by adding width haven't worked for me. I added:

.THIS .slds-form-element__static{
display: inline-block;}

styly into my component and it has worked.

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