I have two custom object which have a Master-Detail relationship:

  • Credit Note
  • Credit Note Line

I have a Process on Credit Note which needs to invoke a Process on Credit Note Line

But when I select Action Type of Processes and selected the Invoke-able process I am required to provide a Process Variable of type SObject.

Action Type Processes

But there are no valid options available

enter image description here

Of my three options:

  • Created By ID >
  • Last Modified By ID >
  • Record Type ID >

The first two give me the same options:

  • Contact ID >
  • Manager ID >
  • Profile ID >
  • Role ID >

Each of these just leads to a seemingly endless set of further relationship lookups (in reality it went 8 relationships deep before refusing to let me go further)

And the other option Record Type ID > give me no options.


Why do I need to provide this?

What can I provide to make this work?

NOTE: I don't want to solve this using a Flow.

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I don't remember using a process on process builder recently, so I don't know the answer to your first question. On the second one, though, I know that it is a UI design issue. When you reference a field on that window you must select the reference field, not the relationship.

Think of it this way: if you were doing this with Account and Contacts, then you'd get two options: Account Id and Account >. Both are, in theory, the same. But on the UI, the one with the little arrow indicates that you want to select something related to a related account. You want the account reference (the first field) instead. Try to see if you can find the reference field on that list.

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