Can we make a check on WHERE clause of a SOQL query for comparing 2 date fields availability? My requirement is, I want to get the response from query based on data availability on two different fields. I have 2 date fields (Date_A__c and Date_B__c). My requirement is to make a check on a single query that if data is present in Date_A__c, the query should return with its data, but if data is unavailable in Date_A__c, the query should return with Date_B__c data. Is this condition possible to write in WHERE clause.

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    You can not do this in a query using just those two field. You can create a formula field that evaluates to the correct value and use that in your query. – rael_kid Jul 20 '18 at 7:28
  • @KhushbooDua why you can not use a formula field in a where condition!? – Sergej Utko Jul 20 '18 at 7:30

You can not do it with SOQL. But you can do it for sure with APEX method use a SOQL query. A SOQL query reads data from a data store based on conditions you enter. The APEX method returns the data:

public Date myMethod()
    MyObject__c m = [Select Date_A__c, Date_B__c
                     From MyObject__c
                     Where CreatedDate = LAST_WEEK];
    if(m.Date_A__c != null)
        return m.Date_A__c;

    return m.Date_B__c;

Yes this is possible using single query.

Make your query

WHERE Date_A__c != null OR Date_B__c != null

and when you iterate over it then simply put an if condition

if(Object.Date_A__c != null) {
    //run code here
else {
    //run code here

If you are looking for a purely SOQL query then I think you can create a custom formula field (checkbox) can use that in the query.

Otherwise, you will have to use apex to filter the data which some folks have already mentioned in other comments.

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