I have live agent set up with omni channel routing. The default service channel for live agent is set up for live chat transcripts. I have presence status associated with live chat transcripts. I have a queue with live chat transcript as supporting object. I have a routing configuration associated with the queue.

When I try to transfer to agent, the request doesn't turn up in the omni-channel widget in the live agent console. I'm set to online.

There's a message in the bot chat window 'We're transferring your chat to another agent.' but it never transfers.

Any ideas would be great.

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Make sure to add your agent to the same queue of snap-in. To check it, switch to classic, goto setup > Chat Button > >> Scroll Down to queue associated > Add your user there


Create a new dialog, that contain 2 steps. Name if 'transfer to agent'.

On the new dialog. First step is a message and 2nd step select of type "transfer to agent". See below image

enter image description here

Then any the dialog that you need, just point to this new dialog.

  • How the bot will know which Queue it has to transfer the Chat? Sep 20 at 18:35
  • That is an awesome question.. Look forward for the answer.. But sorry I cannot answer that. My bot only has one queue and one deployment.. Sep 23 at 1:58

Thank you for all ,taking you time and responding on this.Issue has been resolved by Adding Omni-Channel to the Console App,and added Omni-Channel component to the app that we have created. Confusion happen on the Chat we have received is different one,and Omni-channel component is different.

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