I am trying to load a csv file (encoded as UTF-8) into the salesforce Data Loader. One of the values in the csv file is a string reading "Biotechnology & Science". When I try loading the csv file, I receive the following error.

bad value for restricted picklist field: Biotechnology & Science

I have referenced Salesforce knowledge articles such as this, but none have helped. I have tried checking off the Data Loader's "Read all CSVs with UTF-8 encoding" checkbox but it does not resolve the issue. Manually enclosing the value in double quotes (") does not help either.

The csv file when opened with Notepad shows the following:

False,3,Biotechnology & Science,Jacksonville University,

(This is only a snippit of the data but coveres the value discussed)

I am creating the csv file via a Python 3 script using the Pandas .to_csv() method, which defaults encoding to UTF-8. I am operating on a Windows 10 computer.


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I managed to stumble upon the answer, and it is embarrassingly simple. The API for the picklist value was "Biotechnology", while the value label was "Biotechnology & Science". The ampersand was not causing the issue, the API was. I fixed the API and everything works fine.

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