I have a lightning component that is embedded on a lightning page tab. My goal is to refresh the component when someone clicks on the same tab after its loaded. I tried handling the application level notifications but the tabs only emit component events.

     <aura:handler event="aura:applicationEvent" action="{!c.eventListener}" />

so my question is whether I can handle the tabSet event generated by the standard lightning page or if I'm SOL.

testing a handler produces a runtime error:

  <aura:handler name="tabset" event="ui:tabsetEvent" action="{!c.eventListener}" />

Deployment Failed: UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION - An unexpected error occurred. Please include this ErrorId if you contact support: 2040237501-32662 (518856820)


The lightning platform currently has a few access modifiers on each of the components which indicate if they are designed to be listened to by developers, rather than internal salesforce components.

The one you have found through the event log cannot be accessed as it is marked PRIVILEGED.

In the github repo, the ui:tabSetEvent is marked as such.

In comparison, here is a GA event, ui:menuSelect

So, for now, we can only listen to the documented (aka GA-ed) events in the component library here


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