I need to create user provisioning on Connected App but there is no particular guide how to go about it. I can only find bits and pieces. Even Salesforce talk about some util packages for some common applications and a single program which doesn't explain much about the attributes used in it. But not much information about custom provisioning. Does anyone here know how to begin with user provisioning for a custom application.

What I know is I need to create a flow. (Need help in this regard only as there is not much info about how to create a user provisioning flow and use Apex class which extends UserProvisioningPlugin). Then a named credential to connect with third party app. Note : Here Salesforce is Idp and third party app is Sp.

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User Provisioning via Connected Apps is explained in this help article: Configure User Provisioning for Connected Apps. As the help explains, you'll want to install two packages from the App Exchange to help with user provisioning: Salesforce Identity User Provisioning Connectors and the Salesforce Identity User Provisioning Utils apps. These will provide you with the base Apex classes you need and assist you in creating your flows. One these have been enabled, there will be a User Provisioning Wizard that will help you get started with the provisioning. Named Credentials are very easy to set up if you have the information you need, especially once the other things are in place.

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