I Just want to know is there any way that we can executive trigger before the lead assignment rules.

My Case:

I have one before insert trigger in the lead, here in this trigger I'm checking company name with Existing Accounts, if it equals then I'm assigning the lead owner equals to the account owner.

Above my case is only for the one country

Problem: we are following the web to lead the process for the leads in this case lead assignment rules are executing first, because of this I can't able to assign based on Account Owner.

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We can do that using the Future method. Simply you can write your code in the future method . It may be resolved your problem.

Let me know if you have any query.


You can find the complete Order of Execution here:

Triggers and Order of Execution

  1. Executes all before triggers. ...

  2. Executes assignment rules. ...

  3. If the record was updated with workflow field updates, fires before update triggers and after update triggers one more time (and only one more time), in addition to standard validations. Custom validation rules, duplicate rules, and escalation rules are not run again.

Maybe there's your problem...

  • (should be 3, 8, 12, but my counting get's messed up.)
    – tiruman
    Commented Jul 18, 2018 at 11:59
  • Hi Tiruman, Thanks for your reply. I know where is my problem, I'm looking for the solution.
    – VINOD
    Commented Jul 18, 2018 at 12:07

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