I want to use multi select picklist in lightning.

enter image description here

Can any one help me with code?


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You can achieve this requirement by creating custom multi-select picklist:-

  1. Create two div one for Available Contacts and other for Selected Contacts.
  2. Add two button Removed and Add.
  3. Handle the data through wrapper class.

lightning duallistbox base component is pretty cool. You can try it. However you need to get the list of values from server and to be passed to this component (attribute - options)


<lightning:dualListbox aura:id="selectOptions" name="Select Options" 
                       sourceLabel="Available Cities" 
                       selectedLabel="Selected Cities" 
                       options="{! v.cities }"
                       value="{! v.selectedCities }"                       
                       onchange="{! c.handleChange }"/>

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