I'm writing up a landing page in Marketing Cloud. The idea is that, for simplicities sake, the page would be able to re-activate a paused automation. So, here's my dashboard:

enter image description here

Each of the "Activate" buttons to the right are dynamically created via SSJS. Here's the code:

Write("<td><input type='submit' name='submitActivate' value='Activate' formmethod='post' formaction='https://pages.exacttarget.com/page.aspx?QS=773ed3059447707dfbbf4acecff6ddf414f6180642add47372461b01f396a937&mobileNumber=" + Variable.GetValue("@mobileNumber") + "&programId=" + Result[i].ObjectID + "'></input></td>");

I'm posting to the same URL as the landing page, but I'm passing in "ProgramID" as a query string variable. When I click on "Activate" on one of these records, the posted URL is:

enter image description here

Notice the ProgramID is now in the URL as expected. The problem I'm having is I cannot get RequestParameter() or even QueryParameter() to pick this value up. The beginning of the landing page is:

enter image description here

When I output this AMPScript variable to the page, I get nothing. Here's the output code:

enter image description here

And finally, here's the UI output:

enter image description here

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why my page is not picking this variable up. Any ideas?

  • have you tried moving programID in front of mobileNumber to see if it displays there. Also, I am assuming the value in the Program ID cell in your table comes from the same JSON? So that Result[i].ObjectID definitely has a value? – Gortonington Jul 13 '18 at 13:04

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