I've quickly searched through this site and Google, but I did not find the answer. I started to use new Force.com CLI on Windows, but I faced with trouble that I can't run apex code from command line (I tried Cygwin and cmd shells).

The trouble is that the CLI just do nothing. Help says that for running a code I need to type my code and just pres [Control + D], but it seems not working for me.

I tried different keys combinations based on the Wikipedia article about mapping a keyboard shortcuts on different OS as well as random pressing the most known keys combinations. Other commands work normally.



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I observe the same thing. It just hangs and I have to hit CTRL-C to leave get out of it and nothing happens. Also, CTRL-Z didn't work.

You can create a file and you can actually just pass the name of the file as a parameter to the force apex command as that is one of the supported parameters.

If you run force help apex you get the the usage:

force apex usage

For example, create a file called anonApex.txt in the directory you are in and put System.debug('hello world'); in it.

Then, from the command line:

C:\path\to\your\dir>force apex anonApex.txt

You get something like:

force apex cmd

Perhaps it has something to do with detecting, from the command line, an end of transmission or end of file character difference between *nix and Windows. I wouldn't be surprised if CTRL-D worked on *nix based systems. Usually it is CTRL-Z on Windows.

I believe my guess at the this to be confirmed. I found the following issue logged against the Go Programming language:

Issue 6303: syscall: reading os.Stdin does not treat ^Z as EOF on Windows which looks a lot like what we are observing.

After reading over that issue and related discussions, I think that the handling of CTRL-Z for Windows console apps is not a high priority for the Go Programming language, so it looks like the only way to use the force apex command from Windows is with a file input. CTRL-Z will not work unless the underlying Go Programming language changes.

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    Thanks a lot Peter, you're my personal hero! I was going to use this feature in build scripts in order to reduce the efforts of my team and I was really upset when found this issue, but your answer brought me back to life. Thank you again. Commented Dec 18, 2013 at 4:35
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    @Pavel - No problem. Glad I could help! :) Commented Dec 18, 2013 at 20:07

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