New to Lightning and trying to figure out how to process a list of sobject/custom metadata type records returned by Apex class in js controller before passing them to the component.

Apex Controller

public static List<HDS_Service_Setting__mdt> getServiceCategoryAndServicesByFundingType(string inputFundingTypeId) {
    system.debug('Dev Debug - Method Entered - FundingAndServicesController.getServiceCategoryAndServicesByFundingType()');
    string inputFundingTypeName = 'HCP';

    List<HDS_Service_Setting__mdt> lstServices = [SELECT Funding_Type__c,Service_Category__c,Service__c FROM HDS_Service_Setting__mdt WHERE Funding_Type__c=:inputFundingTypeName ];

    system.debug('Dev Debug - size of lstServices - '+lstServices.size());
    return lstServices;

JS Controller

var recordTypeId = component.get("v.recordTypeId");

    var action_getCategoryAndServiceByFundingType = component.get("c.getServiceCategoryAndServicesByFundingType");
    action_getCategoryAndServiceByFundingType.setParams({  inputFundingTypeId : recordTypeId  });
    action_getCategoryAndServiceByFundingType.setCallback(this, function(a) {
        var categoryAndService = a.getReturnValue();
        for(var thisRecord in categoryAndService)

        component.set("v.CategoryAndService", categoryAndService);

        //var myJSON = JSON.stringify(categoryAndService); 

What the alert gave me is undefined for each record.

Anyone can tell me how I can get the field value from each sObject record? Thank you.

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First of all (but maybe this is slightly overkill in this case) I would recommend to use wrapper inner class for sending data to the component. In your case it would be something like:

public class ServiceSettingWrapper {
    String service {get; set;}
    public ServiceSettingWrapper(String service) {
        this.service = service;

Of course if Service__c is a string. Then in your method you would need to create instance of this inner class add it ot a list and return.

List<HDS_Service_Setting__mdt> lstServices = [SELECT Funding_Type__c,Service_Category__c,Service__c FROM HDS_Service_Setting__mdt WHERE Funding_Type__c=:inputFundingTypeName ];

List<ServiceSettingWrapper> returnList = new List<ServiceSettingWrapper>();
for(HDS_Service_Setting_mdt setting : lstServices){
    returnList.add(new ServiceSettingWrapper(setting.Funding_Type__c,Service_Category__c,Service__c)

//In the end of methid
return returnList

Second thing: Please check state of the response so you can handle eventual errors:

var state = response.getState();
        if (state === "SUCCESS") {
        //Actions for success
        } else if (state === "ERROR") {
          //Actions for error
        } else {
         //Another stuff

And finally to your problem:

var listLength = categoryAndService.length;
for (var i = 0; i < listLength; i++) {
    alert(categoryAndService[i]); -- which will return an object
    alert(categoryAndService[i].service); -- which wil lreturn specific field

Don't use for(var x in y); that causes you to iterate through the array's keys, which is not what you intended to do. Instead, simply use forEach:

categoryAndService.forEach(record => console.log(record.Service_Category__c));

Note that JavaScript is also case sensitive, so you might need to check the capitalization of the field.


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