I'm working on an input component, and would like to notify the parent when the value changes

<!-- c:parent -->
<c:myInput onChange="{!c.handler}" />

But to do so, I need an event type to register in my input component...

<!-- c:myInput -->
<aura:registerEvent name="onChange" type="???"/>

Is there a standard event I can use to this effect or do I have no other choice than to create my own onChange event?


The default type of a "value change" notification is the aura:valueChange event. Unfortunately, you can't use it:

<!-- compiler error here -->
<!-- Cannot fire event of type: markup://aura:valueChange: Source -->
<aura:registerEvent name="onchange" type="aura:valueChange" />

So yes, if you want to be able to "fire your own event", you'd have to use a custom event, as we can't fire system events.

According to the documentation, you're supposed to be able to extend the default aura:valueChange event, or register use of it directly, since it is global, but unfortunately, neither are currently allowed by compiler (see above for registerEvent):

<!-- Failed to save valueChange.evt: Event markup://c:valueChange cannot extend markup://aura:valueChange: Source -->
<aura:event extends="aura:valueChange" ...

Ultimately, a custom event is the only viable method at this time.

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You can use the change handle to keep track of data changes.

<aura:handler name="change" value="{!v.numItems}" action="{!c.itemsChange}"/>

The value attribute sets the component attribute that the change handler tracks.

The action attribute sets the client-side controller action to invoke when the attribute value changes.

A component can have multiple tags to detect changes to different attributes.

Detecting Data Changes with Change Handlers

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