I have a custom object called Orders that has a lookup field with another custom object called Product. I am assigning the product ID from product with the ID column in orders. Product's ID field is a text field and Orders' ID field is a lookup field with relationship to Product's ID field.

When assigning the id using the code below

Order__c newORD = new Order__c();
newORD.Item_Code__c = sku.Item_Code__c;

Where sku is of type Product and newORD is of type Order, the error System.StringException invalid ID appears. There are no validation rules on the lookup field.

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    Why don't you just use newORD.Item_Code__c = sku.Id; Jul 11, 2018 at 12:58

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From what you said I think you are trying to assign a product code to a lookup field, but you need to assign its Id instead.

You are trying to assign, for example, 'ABC-1023' to a lookup field, but it is expecting a valid Id, like 'a1p230000000000AAA', which would be sku.Id.

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