Can you change a personalization string with AMPscript?

Depending on the AMPscript formula I would like to change a personalization string, specifically the analytics.

Our goal is to send dynamic content track the different emails within Google Analytics.

The personalization string I'm focusing on is:


Is this possible? I'm not sure where to begin with AMPscript.

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It's not clear how exactly you want to use Personalization Strings in AMPscript. As far as I understand, you wanted to use it in AMPscript formulas (IF statement, for example). So that's possible.

Generally, Personalization Strings are a part of AMPscript. Take a look at:

Personalization Strings and AMPscript

Personalization Strings in Email Studio

I'm not sure where to begin with ampscript. Look at this docs Get Started with AMPscript


Since that particular personalization string is set in the Email Properties, you can't change it's value or make it dynamic with AMPscript.

Additional Email Attributes

Do you have the Web Analytics Connector configured? That'd be the place for updating what gets automatically appended to the URLs. SFMC Support can help you with that.

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