I want to know if you can retrieve the list of all jobID via a REST or API call, I found nothing in the official doc so does anyone have a trick to get this list? There should be a way, because if you go to Email Studio>Tracking>Sends, there is a recap of everything you sent : enter image description here


The simplest and fastest way to do this would be to combine a SQL query with your API call.

  1. Create a DE with the corresponding fields to Job View
  2. Query Job View (e.g. SELECT * FROM _Job)
  3. Use the SOAP API using Retrieve on the DataExtensionsObject to get each entry.
    (some samples of doing this from Docs)

You could also set this up as a CSV export or even use it in SSJS or AMPscript if you want.

The Job Dataview provides information on each of the email send jobs coming from SFMC.

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