I'm trying to associate a Contact to a EmailMessage object using the EmailMessageRelation object, this issue is that I have many email fields on my Contact object and if I related to a Contact that doesn't have a email address in the default "Email" field, I'll get an error like;

[{"message":"<CONTACT RECORD NAME HERE> does not have an accessible email address.","errorCode":"INVALID_EMAIL_ADDRESS","fields":["ToAddress"]}]

I can't find anything for this error message or anything to suggest when relating an EmailMessage the record needs to have a value in the default email field.


Because it is associating to a standard Salesforce object I think there is an inbuilt assumption that you would use the standard field.

Some options:

  1. Before send, push the correct email address to the standard email field and clear it post send.
  2. Use the RelationAddress field instead and simply push the address in there.
  • Yeah, I feel you're correct about the assumption but was looking for clarification on this as I'm trying to add the EmailMessage manually. Not being able to relate to Contacts/Leads that use custom email fields creates a rather large restriction of using this object to represent emails. – r0bb077 Jul 8 '18 at 6:12

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