Since the Summer'18 release I'm getting from time to time, randomly, without any reason a redirect back to the Salesforce-Login-Page when I load a visualforce-page. When this happens, this fault is ongoing for a while and then the VF-Page is not accessible at all for that time.

Sidenote: we are Salesforce Partners working with several hundreds of Production, Sandbox and Developer-Orgs. I'm using multiple browsers in parallel.

  • It does not matter how I access the page
    • with an existing and known-good link it can happen
    • going to Setup > Develop > VF Pages > Page > Preview it can happen
    • being in LEX or Aloha it can happen
  • Login-log-of does not help
  • Clearing the browser cache, cookies, session-storage, local-storage, index-db, everything, sometimes helps - but not(!) always. This is driving me nuts, since I cant figure any clear pattern
  • Deleting the session under Classic-Setup > Security Controls > Session Management for ALL entries sometimes helps - but again not(!) always
  • Sometimes restarting the computer helps
  • Mostly not all browser are affected, so if it happens, only Chrome might be affected and Firefox not, sometimes all of my installed browsers are affected
  • Sometimes nothing helps, but waiting for some hours or a day which is super frustrating.
  • It happens mostly when logging into a new dev org with a new user or logging in an org with a browser which was long time in use for lots of other orgs
  • It burns now regularly time for my team an myself

I'm shooting totally in the dark with this and I can't provide better information to reproduce this behavior. It feels totally random. But it's driving me crazy...

The only thing I'm sure of is, that it has started with Summer'18. In the spring release this never happened.

My hope is, that others here have similar experiences which we can share and find out why this happens and how it can be cleared or refreshed.

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Actually I found an answer on this on my own.

In the setup, there seems to be a new setting under Security Controls > Session Settings - there in the second section "Session Settings" there is a checkbox "Lock sessions to the domain in which they were first used"

Now if I am disabling "Lock sessions to the domain in which they were first used" I can use my VF-Pages with no issues. Re-enabling it again, brings back the error.

Is that a bug or a feature?

enter image description here

  • I ran into the same issue. From my perspective this is a bug, because otherwise there's no way to properly access a VF page. Since you're always redirected into the pages namespace (or "c"), you're changing domains and thus loosing the session. @Uwe Heim: Did you ever find a workaround and keep the setting enabled?
    – Christoph
    Dec 4, 2020 at 12:49

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