I am pretty new to lightning so I wanted to know if there is a way to hide a lightning component based on certain conditions. I have a requirement where there are 4 components which need to be visible to users belonging to a particular profile and should not be accessible to others.


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You can conditionally show/hide components on the page by setting the component visibility. Select your component and in the properties panel you have the flexibility to show/hide based on a field in the record or user level attributes. See below for clarity:

enter image description here

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You cannot give access to Lightning Bundle from profile.

But you can do is rerender based on the logged in user profile.

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You have 2 options:

  1. Create a custom lightning record home page for each profile and assign each page to each profile.

  2. Display/hide specific component, according to a field criteria on the current record.

Both scenarios are described well in this trail:

Build a Custom Record Page for Lightning Experience

The first scenario - under the Roll Out Your Custom Record Page to Your Lightning Experience Users section.

The second scenario - under the Make Your Record Page Dynamic section


You may find that your User>Profile>Name is "System Administrator". Check in Setup>Profiles.

You can also use filter logic for more complex conditions.

Two filters. Show if either is true.


How to hide a component based on the profil ? Instead of 'Contains', is there a way to '!Contains', to 'Not Contains' ?

I was unable to find that way, so I cloned my page and assign depending on the profile -not that satisfying solution.

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