I cannot get this dynamic sender profile to populate a dynamic Reply-to email address using a field from a non-sendable data extension (something that should be easy but its turning out to be really difficult). I understand that the Sender Profile is evaluated before the email, so the ampscript from the email cannot be used.

Therefor, I have attempted to create a content block and put this ampscript in it:

Set @language_email = language_code
Set @Replyto_table = "Ashley_Reply_To"
Set @replyto_match = "fromReply"
Set @replyto_translated = Lookup(@Replyto_table, "language_code_reply", @replyto_match, @language_email)


Then I retrieve the content block using this script in the Sender Profile:


This is not working and I am not sure what to do! Help!! enter image description here

  • check this salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/40480/…
    – sfdcFanBoy
    Commented Jul 2, 2018 at 8:59
  • @A.Malone what error you getting for me its working this one %%=ContentBlockByName("Ashley_Replyto_Contentblock")=%% where did you use this one ?
    – Ravi.A
    Commented Jul 2, 2018 at 10:05
  • Hi @pkharries. The email is just not sending through at all. They all have status "Cancelled" in the send log
    – A.Malone
    Commented Jul 2, 2018 at 10:37
  • iam asking where did you use this one %%=ContentBlockByName("Ashley_Replyto_Contentblock")=%%
    – Ravi.A
    Commented Jul 2, 2018 at 10:46
  • @pkharries oops sorry didnt answer your other Q. I am using it in the Sender Profile. Use custom settings below --> Use specified information --> Address(required)
    – A.Malone
    Commented Jul 2, 2018 at 10:46

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When using ContentBlockbyName you should provide full path to your content block, for example:

%%=ContentBlockbyName('Content Builder\Scripts\Ashley_Replyto_Contentblock') =%%

You can copy location in content builder:

enter image description here enter image description here

P.S. I would suggest to use ContentBlockbyId or ContentBlockbyKey in case someone will change location or rename your block.

Updated note: Make sure you save this content block as a Code Snippet!!! Otherwise you will have problems:)

  • Its a miracle!!!!!!! It finally works!!! And the greatest part is that Salesforce Help told me it isnt possible to have this information in a section data extension:) High five to us
    – A.Malone
    Commented Jul 3, 2018 at 10:42
  • 1
    Use the feedback function in your support case and tell them that there is a solution the support didnt know about. It will increase their effectivity. Commented Jul 3, 2018 at 14:21
  • @A.Malone actually i am TA at Salesforce, could you give me your case number? Commented Jul 3, 2018 at 18:34

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