I have to create a tab for my app that can display jquery calendar and I want to add some custom objects to that calendar. So, how can I do that? I suppose that I have to create a new Visualforce page representing that calendar. Is that true?

Thank you for your help. :)

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Yes, you can upload static resources, write your Visualforce page, and create a new tab for it. Please note that this community's support for external JavaScript is very limited, so if you have jQuery-specific questions, your question might be a better fit on Stack Overflow. Also, please read How do I ask a good question? for details about what we consider on-topic and appropriate for this network.

For accessing data without Apex Code, you might want to read about Visualforce Remote Objects. We can help you understand how to use those to load/save/modify records in an object, if you have a specific question. We can also generally answer questions about troubles you might run into when using Visualforce-specific features.

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