I have an Cordova mobile app that I want to be able to deeplink to from the Salesforce App. I am currently using Branch.io for the deeplinking. The problem is that when I click the deeplink from within the Salesforce App, it opens my app as a window inside of the Salesforce app instead of actually taking me to my app. I asked about this in a Stack Exchange question and the answer was its probably the Salesforce App that is preventing you from leaving it. Is there something I can do to prevent my app from opening inside the Salesforce App? It works fine on iOS but not in Android.

  • Can you share your deep linking code snippet here? I've done deep linking in several of my apps and may be able to help. Jun 29, 2018 at 11:26

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Copied from my Stack Exchange Answer:

What actually definitively resolved this was going into the AndroidManifest.xml and setting android:launchMode="singleTask" on my main activity.

I know that in the android docs it says singleTask is not recommended. I believe that's because it prevents you from going back but we take over the functionality of the hardware back button so that's not relevant. Also according to this SO answer, it seems like the right thing to do in our context.

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