am I am trying to work through the DX trail on Trailhead. I am stuck on the Github portion. I have installed Git on my local machine as well as Visual Studio Code. I have created the repo and the branch.

Trailhead then tells you to open the README in your repo and make some changes with your text editor. I am totally stuck on how to get VSC to see my GIT Repo and open the file. Any help would be great.


Your Git repository is just a directory with some special tracking in a hidden .git directory inside it.

Do File->Open Folder in Visual Studio Code and navigate to the location where you created your repository. Select the outermost repository directory (not the force-app inner directory , if that has already been created), and open that in Visual Studio Code. You'll get a directory tree where you can navigate the project contents on the left of your VSC window and locate README.md.

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