I have a custom lead convert page.

We have enabled the data.com duplicate rules, and now, when there is a duplicate contact upon conversion, I get an error on the custom page:


While this behaviour is expected, I can not complete the conversion.

  1. How can I display the 'Save and ignore error'
  2. How can I display the 'found duplicate contacts' so I can either select the contact to use, and/or merge into it?

    • I do not want to remove the 'Alert' notification form the 'Action on Create' step if possible. That's just allowing to create duplicates.
  • Are you using a visualforce page & a controller ? This question has an example of modifying your DmlOptions used to do the conversion. I'm not sure this is an answer tho, since you didn't include code or visualforce/apex tags. – battery.cord Jun 28 '18 at 13:30

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