I am struggling hard to get code coverage for following constructor method with some URL method usage. Basically the filter name I am trying to fetch is the list view ID (also need some insights to how to dynamically fetch list view id in test class for coverage)

Here is my constructor method:

public constructormethod(ApexPages.StandardSetController controller)
    this.setCon = controller;
    objectName = setCon.getRecord().getSObjectType().getDescribe().getName();

    sUrl = Apexpages.currentPage().getUrl();

    if(sUrl.contains('filterName')){  **// On running test class is failing with null exception at this line** 
        filterId = sUrl.substringAfter('%3FfilterName%3D').left(18);

test class I did so far:

 public class test_constructormethod{ 
      List<Contact>  testContacts = tdp.listContacts();
      /** test contacts add logic

      insert testContacts;

     PageReference pageRef = Page.YOUR_VF_PAGE; 
     ApexPages.StandardSetController stdctrl = new ApexPages.StandardSetController(testContacts);

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You are trying to get current page information through ApexPages.currentPage(), but you are not setting/specifying the page itself.

Try to set it before calling the controller using this:


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