I need to create a HTTP end-point for receiving transaction notifications from a payment gateway.

How would I create a HTTP end-point which accepts POST requests with a variable set of parameters.

POST Request Body


I don't think I can use a REST end-point, because the request body is not JSON or XML.


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You still set up an ApexRest endpoint. There's nothing magic about it that requires JSON nor XML.

You can whip up a simple demo to prove ApexRest is sufficient for your needs:

global class Demo
    global static void doStuff()
        String body = RestContext.request.requestBody.toString();
        Map<String, String> params = new Map<String, String>();
        for (String param : body.split('&'))
            if (param.contains('='))
                params.put(param.substringBefore('=').trim(), param.substringAfter('=').trim());

Then post your payload to that endpoint. I used workbench and got exactly the expected results.

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