lstIQCodes = IQcodeString.replaceAll(' ','').split(','); 

I have tried the above code and able to replace spaces and now I want to replace newline as well.


If you just want to get rid of all the white space, you can just delete it:

lstIQCodes = IQcodeString.deleteWhitespace().split(','); 

ReplaceAll actually takes a regular expression for the first parameter, so the following is also valid:

lstIQCodes = IQcodeString.replaceAll('\\s+','').split(','); 

\\s refers to all white space, including tabs, new lines, carriage returns, and spaces.

Or, if you really just wanted spaces and newlines:

lstIQCodes = IQcodeString.replaceAll('[\\n ]+','').split(','); 
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    Exactly what I would have recommended as well. Using split is not really appropriate. – Adrian Larson Jun 26 '18 at 6:32

You can follow the same approach to remove the new lines as well

for(String lines : IQcodeString.replaceAll(' ','').split(','))
     system.debug(lines.replaceAll('\n','').replaceAll('\r','') );

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