I'm having trouble wording this question, so please forgive if I don't do it well:

I'm trying to evaluate the uses of AccountContactRole vs AccountContactRelationship, and I've made a list of pros and cons, but I'd like to get down to this:

Is there a reason to go 100% for AccountContactRelationship and migrate all AccountContactRole records away?

Pros for AccountContactRelationship:

  • Triggers
  • Process builder
  • Custom fields
  • Automatic population of Direct field
  • Good related lists support from Account/Contact

Cons for AccountContactRelationship:

  • Multi-select picklist
  • Cannot have more than one record per Contact-Account pair (Can with AccountContactRole)
  • Cannot rename standard fields (vote for https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=0873A000000lFQaQAM)
  • Doesn't necessarily make the data model more complex, but does require adjusting integrations and code in the shift
  • Unclear (as I read it) order of execution when triggering on this object. Also unclear how Contact triggers will fire this IF using the "standard" create AccountContactRelationship record when changing Contact.AccountId. How to pull data from old Account and old Contact?
  • The "standard" create AccountContactRelationship feature itself is pretty murky, especially for order of execution. I can't think of a reason to use it if I can use a trigger/process, but I am curious how it works. I've not had much success lately.

Pros for AccountContactRole:

  • Multiple roles for a Contact in a given Account
  • Established

Cons for AccountContactRole:


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Salesforce document the functionality available to these two options alongside using a custom junction object here Comparing Contacts to Multiple Accounts to Other Options.

One consideration I'd highlight which might be important is that AccountContactRole is not visible in Lightning Experience, and is not currently on Salesforce's roadmap Lightning Roadmap


You could clearly identify Pros/Cons or Features comparison of these two Objects here 'Comparing Contacts to Multiple Accounts to Others Solutions'


Worth pointing that Change Data Capture is available for AccountContactRole, but not available for AccountContactRelationship.

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