I would like to track SMS deliverability but SFMC does not have good support for SMS like it does for Email.

I see two options for SMS

  1. SMS Message Detail Report: This will not help much as we need to manually generate the report and import.
  2. Undeliverable SMS view: I can query and automate it but it only indicates undeliverables.

Both those options does not help me much; Can you give me some insight if there are any other options?

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You obviously can't track if the user opened your SMS message. You can't even make sure he received it. When using the API to send the message, Salesforce's web server returns a token which you can use to check if the message was delivered though.

Unfortunately I don't see an endpoint to query this delivery status, or to get the token generated when sending the messages (this would allow to query the results). So I think your best bet would be the second option.

If, after a couple of hours, the message was not marked as undeliverable, then I'd consider it delivered. You can't be 100% sure, but after this time, it should be almost guaranteed that it was delivered.

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