How to send request and get response from server when working with Rest API.

 Http http1=new Http();
 HttpRequest req1=new HttpRequest();
 req1.setmethod('POST'); //you can also SET method `GET` with Get there is no need of req1.setbody()
 HttpResponse res1;
 res1 = http1.send(req1);
 String str=res1.getbody();
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The details of making HTTP callouts in Apex are found in the developer.force.com wiki pages here:


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These Is How You Can Send A request or get Response

public class pincode {

public string x {get;set;}
    public PageReference click() {

   http p = new http();// invoiking Http Class
httprequest req= new httprequest(); //Invoking RestRequest
req.setEndpoint('http://pin-codes.in/api/pincode/500072');//Setting Endpoint
req.setMethod('GET');// Setting Method 
httpresponse res = new httpresponse();
x= res.getbody();// Catching Response 
        return null;

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