Is it possible to evaluate the static resource url stored in a field of the record of the custom metadata type?

For example I have the following record:

enter image description here enter image description here

After querying the value of the field Static Resource Path I am getting the following: "$Resource.CharacterDoctor + '/Doctor/Explaining.png'", while I would like to get already evaluated and ready for use url.

Of course I have the following solution for the problem: have two text fields one containing the root folder path (I will use the field in the expression $A.get(fieldWithTheRootFolderPath) and another containing the path inside the folder (so that the correct href to the static resource would be $A.get(fieldWithTheRootFolderPath) + fieldWithThePathInsideTheRootFolder).

I am not sure which other information is relevant for tackling the issue, so in case something else is needed ask me about it, please.

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