I have a managed package custom object whose name\label I would like to change. However, it is apparently not possible to use the Override feature to change custom object labels. Is there a way in which I could change that custom object's tab name ? I'm guessing it's possible in some way through Visualforce, but I've only used Visualforce to customize the behavior of the tab (sending it to a VF page), not the actual tab name.

...or if you know a way to change the label of a managed package's custom object that would be even better.....?

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Go to "Rename Tabs and Labels" from setup and rename the tab.

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Unfortunately, only the package developer can edit the Label of a Managed Custom Object.

From Components Available in Managed Packages :

Editable Properties After Package Promotion or Installation

Only Package Developer Can Edit

  • Description
  • Label
  • Plural Label
  • Record Name
  • Record Name Display Format
  • Starts with a Vowel Sound

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