I want my process builder conditions to update for all users except for one particular user. There is not a User option, only Owner and Profile. But the Owner of an object does not mean another user can not come in and make an update. How would I check for the current user that is trying to make an update?

[ACCOUNT].Owner.Profile.Name ?

You cannot reference values related to the running context and user in Process Builder criteria, but you can get to them if you set actions to execute if a formula evaluates to true. There, you can click the "System Values" search box to get access to a tree of data sourced from the running context:

PB screenshot

While you can add formula references here to the User, their Role, or their Profile, for circumstances like the one you describe the superior solution is usually to create a new Custom Permission and check for that (the "Permission" value tree in the screenshot above).

This allows you to make changes to the behavior administratively, by adding and removing a permission set from a user, rather than by deploying or changing your Process Builder. It's more resilient to changes in your org and desired business process.

A similar process can be used for a Hierarchy Custom Setting.

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  • is there a way to set a permission set, so they can not trigger the process builder? The user has to update the object just not specific fields. – nameishi Jun 20 '18 at 12:30
  • Not a permission set, a Custom Permission. You can apply Custom Permissions to specific users via a permission set. – David Reed Jun 20 '18 at 12:34

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