Mutilple Currencies is enabled in Org. Default -USD

Ex : i am having currency value__c(datatype - currency) field .if the GBP is selected the amount will be displayed as GBP 1000 (USD 1316)

When i am trying to display the currency field in visualforce email template it is populating the GBP 1000. how to populate USD value in Email.

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this might helps

 <apex:outputText label="NRR" value="{0,number}">
{! Opportunity.CurrencyIsoCode} &nbsp;
<apex:param value="{! Opportunity.NRR__c}" />
  • If iam mentioning its not showing up the USD value . The output is like GBP 1000 . But i need display only the dollar value in the email Commented Jun 20, 2018 at 11:45

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