I have created a custom object in my org and showing a custom list view for that object. Salesforce provides filter option but it contains 2-3 steps, so I want to add a drop-down to filter the results and also if possible I want to get results of a particular time. Adding the screenshot of view for reference, suppose I want to filter results on basis of grade and also in the range of registration date.custom object list view


There is a filter icon (funnel) at extreme right and clicking on the icon, you can add custom filter like this.


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  • Hi Santanu, Thank you for your response, but I am aware of this filter option, I want to add a drop-down at top of the page(near 'ALL' option) so that user can filter results on the basis of that selected value. – Shubham Nandwana Jun 20 '18 at 9:48

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