I've been using this sample project & guide to test Platform Encryption with Salesforce DX. However, the example project-scratch-def.json creates a Developer org ("edition": "Developer"). As noted in this SF Help page, Platform Encryption is "Available as an add-on subscription in: Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions", but is "Available in Developer Edition at no charge for orgs created in Summer ’15 and later." So the example needs no special features enabled in its project-scratch-def.json due to the use of Developer Edition.

But I need to generate an Enterprise Scratch Org. When I do, I don't find the Platform Encryption features available in the new org. As an add-on, I expect that there's a features value I need to specify in the org def, but this page of Scratch Org Definition Configuration Values doesn't list anything that looks like Platform Encryption. So is there a missing value that will enable Platform Encryption in a scratch org?

I tried the obvious "PlatformEncryption" as features value; no joy.


I posted this question in the Salesforce DX Trailblazer Community. Rohit Mehta (DX Product Manager) responded, "Unfortunately, it's not supported in non-DE scratch orgs currently but it's on my roadmap. We'll try to get the feature in Winter 19."

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