I am using the Force.com-Toolkit-for-NET to send and retrieve data from my Salesforce client. We have two different apps that are using the same login, and on occasion I would like to know which app has logged in.

It seems like Salesforce already has a solution for this in the Login History for the user. There is a field called 'Application', that apparently is already settable through the API. Is there any way that this Application can be set via the Force.com-Toolkit-for-NET? It appears in the screenshot below that the Application has already been customized, however the 'SN Salesforce Integration' does not exist anywhere in our code.

enter image description here

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This field is only set via the Partner API and/or Connected Apps. If you're using SOAP, you need to use the Partner API, and if you're using REST, it should happen automatically based on the Client ID you specify.

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